Genesis casino detailed review

Genesis Casino is a journey to the outer reaches of space. It takes you outside the Milky Way, towards unknown galaxies. The journey is filled with game surprises and incredible Bonus Findings that will pave your way towards the deepest essence of the gaming universe. Galactic slots and the Milky Way’s stunning Live Casino take you to the new star charts, powered by Bonuses. Our ship is ready on the launch pad and loaded with some of the best casino games in the universe , as well as jackpots like Mega Moolah !

Get on board and experience the wonders of the universe as we travel at the speed of light and your money transactions at the speed of light safely and reliably. Genesis Casino is carefully prepared for your trip, because your comfort is our top priority. The crew of our ship are trained for their mission, the main purpose of which is to assist and support you in all situations that may arise in the game universe.

Get ready to face the jackpots and slot machines that are part of the universe where anything is possible. The mobile casino brings the wonders of the universe with you, and if you like table games, we’re ready for everything. Live Blackjack , Live Roulette , Baccarat and other favorite games are available in numerous versions, and when you want to spice up the long haul, Daily Jackpots give you great pots – every single day!

Now head for the great expedition to the unknown, which will blow your notion of the universe. This is a small step for an individual player, but a huge leap for the casino universe. When you open an account, you will receive a great Welcome Pack to download your Deposit Bonus and Free Spins. Start your journey to the great unknown and embark on an interstellar ship known as Genesis Casino!

Mega jackpots

You’ll also find some of the best Jackpot games in the universe in our gaming galaxy, with jackpots worth several millions of euros! So reach for the starry sky of your dreams and the ultimate gaming entertainment in the universe – even in astronomical sums, winnings can be yours with one lucky spin!


Travel across the universe with some of the best online casino games in the universe – With our huge selection of games you will find the most glorious classics on the star map, the latest news, and the most entertaining Live Casino games on the Milky Way. The solar system’s biggest adventure awaits you!


Take the stars with you to this great mobile casino. Get ready to relax and explore the galaxy with just a few swipes from your mobile device – the Genesis Casino mobile casino lets you travel at light speed for free and experience outdoor space entertainment with your smartphone and tablet!

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